The Gift Has Come ^o^

Yesterday, when I just arrived at home, so tiredly and hungry, I suddenly think about it. When exactly my gift will come? It almost one month and there is nothing come to me. Well, if you don’t know, the gift here is my gift as the 3rd winner of Kyuri Competition on Wild Orchid Site. My fanfiction “GAME” was won on April 7th, 2013. Ocha eonni phoned to let me know that the gift has sent, so all I need just wait.

And finally, at the second later, my mom called me, and guest what? It’s the post man! With my gift in his hand, he gave the letter to me. Oh my!


I was so… “WOAH! Finally!”. And then I opened it and look! It’s Girls’ Generation Photobook and Stickers!



Even tough I’m not a fan of Girls’ Generation, but yeah I like them too. However, for me, I love their song ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘I Got A Boy’.

Well, I really really happy for having those and its pleasure to be one of the winner the fanfiction competition for the first time. I hope there will be another times later ^^


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